Craft beer on tap...

...where you want it...

...when you want it

If you've discovered the unique pleasure of drinking craft beer, then you know it’s best straight from the tap. But what if you want to enjoy your favorite brew home...a party...or tailgating?

Imagine a place where you choose from dozens of craft beers with help from a friendly, beer-savvy Beer Geek (we also offer tastings at our Dunwoody and Sandy Springs locations) and take it with you, directly from the tap.

MoondogIn the mood to hang out with us while you enjoy your favorite brew?  We’d love the company! Our Dunwoody Pour House offers pints and TV so you can kick back and relax, and if you’re hungry, you can order in from one of the great local restaurants that will deliver here.

Welcome to Moondog Growlers.

The Moondog