Craft Beer (and growler) 101

Ask any craft beer lover to give you a definition of craft beer, and you’ll get a different one each time. That’s because craft beer is a different experience for everyone. But everyone agrees on two things: craft beer is perfect for any occasion, and there is an art to drinking and truly appreciating it.

Why growlers?

Craft beers are at their best straight out of the tap. Growlers are a way to get that fresh, out of the tap flavor at home. These moonshine jug-looking containers come in different sizes; Moondog growlers hold 2 and 4 pints. Refrigerating gives them a shelf-life of 7-10 days or 36 hours after opening. But there are other benefits to growlers as well. They can be reused—simply rinse them out, bring them back (empty, of course) to Moondog Growlers and get another “fill” from the wide variety of brews on tap. Learn more about how growlers got their name...

The art of drinking craft beer

Growlers are Green - Please Recycle

Beer is not simply a combination of hops, malt, and barley; the many varieties of beer are made from amazing combinations of ingredients such as chocolate, orange peel, coriander—even pecans! There’s also a way to taste a beer and get the most out of it. And craft beers, like wine, can be paired with foods. Here’s more to help you get the most out of your craft beer…

Beer tasting tips – With craft beer, you want to savor every drop. These tips will enhance your beer-tasting experience.

Beer pairings – There is a perfect brew for nearly every food. Find your perfect pair.

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