What's on tap

Craft beer is that which is brewed with a goal of "aesthetic character."  And that’s the “thing” that craft beer drinkers are looking for – the cool character that also appeals to their tongues (which can vary by season, of course). With this in mind, we taste (mmmmm) a whole lot of beers and talk to a whole lot of people when creating our ongoing menus. BUT…we need to hear from you, so keep tasting! This is a fluid process and we look forward to it.

Our glass growlers come in 2-pint (32 ounces) and 4-pint (64 ounces) sizes. Both are $4.99 each. You can always choose to exchange your growler for the next size up (or down) at no additional cost. And we will gladly fill anyone else's growler, as long as it is clean, dry, and has the Surgeon General's warning printed on the container. We also have 32 ounce plastic, pool-ready growlers for $1.00.

PLEASE NOTE: While we try to keep our online menu up to date, there are times when beer is flying out the door and the line up might change before you get here.  We ask for your understanding and do know that there will be a delicious back-up in it's place. CHEERS!